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What To Do The Next Time Facebook or Instagram Goes Down?

Did you know that Facebook and IG was down today?

I was in the middle of working in @Planoly when the app notified me just before I was starting my live on @thevatoolbox Instagram page that Facebook and IG was down!

The 22 Days to Slay Your VA Business Challenge was scheduled to start today and I was all excited to be hosting the challenge live on Instagram.

I had to act quickly.

What did I do? I emailed my list to let the participants in the challenge know that we were moving to Zoom (just for the day).

Thank goodness I have an email list!

What about you?

If you’re only means of communicating with your clients or community is through social media DMs and PMs, you should rethink that!

An important lesson learned today: Social media ain’t loyal! 😆

The solution: Build your own website or start collecting emails through an email marketing system!

If Facebook and Instagram shutdowns forever right now you will lose all of your followers and have to find other means to gain clients.

What happens the next time Facebook or Instagram is not available?

I encourage you to create an email list so you can always have clients lined up, send them regular emails, build your own sales funnels, create your own community like I did on Wix, and stay in touch with your email list.

Having an email list ensures that you always have a client lined up the next time you need one. You’re not constantly looking for one on social media.

If you need help with your email marketing reach out to us, watch the training video inside The VA Toolbox professional dashboard on sales funnels with Sandra Ocasio, and start building your email list today!

In the training, Sandra will show you how to create 3 simple sales funnels using your freebie. Trust me, as a former Virtual assistant

who built her business from the ground up, you need to know this!

Make it a priority THIS WEEK and a goal the month to start building your database of connections (Day 17 Building Your Database) and start nurturing potential leads and selling in your inbox. Do it now before the next Facebook and Instagram shut down.

Get inside The VA Toolbox to access the sales funnel video training by Sandra Ocasio, along with countless other videos on your dashboard to help you plan, build, launch and scale your Virtual Assistant business.

Reached out to Sandra if you need help building your sales funnel or email list.​

So the big question now is: should I continue the challenge live on Instagram or should we host it on Zoom?

Comment below and let me know what you think the next move should be.

Virtual Assistants Brunch Club is a social club and VA network that serves the official brunch community of virtual assistants in the VA industry.⠀

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