Tiffany Lewis: Top 5 Sales Copywriting Tips

Updated: Apr 25

How do you write copy that sells? They say 'It's not what you say, its how you say it' and we belive that wholeheartedly. Your words have the ability to change some one's life, especially in writing.

This workshop outlines the most important aspects of writing your copy to gain more visibility, attract leads, and make sales. Your message and your copy are based on your overall mission, vision, and values and are the catalyst to growing and sustaining your business.

You will learn

1) the difference between copy and content

2) the top five tips for writing sales copy and content, and

3) where and when to effectively use these tips in your business.

| About Tiffany

Tiffany Lewis specializes in writing launch copy - emails, sales pages, ads, and website copy. Tiffany Lewis is the owner of Propel Virtual Solutions Tiffany is a Copywriter and Digital Marketer, who helps entrepreneurs build relationships and increase sales through their message and brand story. With a background in Communications, PR, and Education, Tiffany understands the value of being a strategic partner and making the client’s dreams a reality. Tiffany has written copy and content for both small and large companies and publications, including The Associated Press. Tiffany holds a BA in Communications and Public Relations from Xavier University of Louisiana and a MA in Education from American University.

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