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This Week's Events [September 26-Oct 1]

Take a look at some events you might be interested in attending this week!

Upcoming virtual events...

I Want to W.I.N. 3 Day Challenge

Sep 27, 12:00 PM EST Online Event

Come learn how to create their dream life through strategic goal setting and mindset work. In this challenge, Stephanie will unlock your potential and show you how to W.I.N. Presented by Stephanie Burke, M. Ed from Power of Potential Coaching

Dish With Dia (Virtual Coworking Session)

Sep 29, 4:30 PM EST Zoom

Dish with Dia is a 60 minute Co-working session to work on a phase of the Client Experience as it relates to the services in your business. Presented by Jordonna "Dia" Colley form DiaGurl Services.

Check out our these and October events on our Event Calendar.

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About the Club

Virtual Assistants Brunch Club is a social club and VA network that serves the official brunch community of virtual assistants in the VA industry.

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