Teresa Cyrus: The Digital Mindset & How to Increase Your Profitability as a Virtual Assistant

Updated: Apr 25

We want to introduce you to Microsoft Expert Teresa Cyrus, founder of TRACCreations4E, LLC.

Teresa has a degree in Computer Information Science and three decades of experience simplifying and automating processes with modern technology. In 2015, Teresa’s career focused on increasing user adoption and providing training and solutions for Microsoft products to thousands of North American corporate users. This role centered on SharePoint and supportive functions, applications, and software.

From this role and a newfound joy in helping individuals grow and learn as companies shift to cloud solutions, Teresa is proud to share her years of Microsoft knowledge, tricks, and tips through her own company, TRACCreations4E.

TRACCreations4E, LLC offers Microsoft 365 training via webinars, self-directed learning, or private mentoring. Our services and resources use the 4E methodology: Explore, Experiment, and Execute Effectively.

During our interview we asked Teresa: Why did you leave corporate and start your own company? Listen to her entrepreneur story and journey.

What you will learn during our Fireside Chat with Teresa:

  • What is Digital transformation (DT)?

  • Why is digital training important for Microsoft's products or any application?

  • Why is she so passionate about talking with Virtual Assistants About Digital Transformation?

Teresa’s workshop focused on “Digital Growth Is A Mindset And A Va’s Profitability”

She touches on 3 categories:

  1. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: What Virtual Assistants can do to stay aligned with the client’s digita