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The Event Support Blueprint for Aspiring Event Planners & Virtual Assistants

Updated: Sep 14

Recently on our Instagram page, we announced the official OPENING for The Event Support Blueprint! During the IG live @romainebpalmer and I discussed our 12-week online program created to help you deliver flawless in person and virtual event experiences.

If you know me and Romaine we are going to deliver the business! The live is saved on our IGTV if you want to catch the replay.

Here's Our Backstory...

Romaine and I met on Instagram in 2019. I was hosting my first Vision Slayers Conference in March of 2020 and I was looking for VA coaches to speak on our platform. I have to admit I was a bit excited and intimidated to ask her to be one of my speakers.

Once I got past my nerves, I sent her a DM and she replied back almost immediately. Fast forward to a few days later, she agreed to speak at the conference, even driving from Miami to Orlando to be a part of the in person event.

She played a huge role in the success of our 2020 conference as well as helping me with the logistics of our 2021 virtual conference. We've had two successful events since having Romaine on our team. She has been the BEST virtual biz bestie I have ever had (and I have too many wanna be's to count lol).

Romaine always come through with her wealth of knowledge and her energy is unmatched. Being an Event Promoter, teaming up with a Logistics Queen made so much sense. She is the official Event Logistics and Planner for Virtual Assistants Brunch Club and an excellent VA Coach.

I truly enjoy working with Romaine. Her smile and attitude is infectious. We are looking forward to this collaboration in helping event supporters plan, promote and execute a flawless event for themselves and their clients." --says Nirlande Singleton ​ ​ "Nirlande and I's friendship formed in the way many modern friendships begin - in the DM's. Nirlande reached out to me while I was in the beginning phases of my coaching business.

We connected over our mutual interests - Brunch - and also our mutual goal of supporting the virtual assistant community. From the beginning, what I enjoyed about working with Nirlande is her commitment to organization, creating easy to follow seamless processes and making you feel safe.

She creates safe spaces and in those safe spaces, women are able to flourish and grow. We are both natural collaborators and together we have been able to work on 2 successful events, two years in a row, The Vision Slayers Conference LIVE in 2020 and again virtually in 2021.

I look forward to showing other VA's how to amplify their reach and increase their revenue through events by being a part of this program." -- says Romaine Palmer

The Details

The Event Support Blueprint is the supporters guide to delivering flawless live and virtual event experiences

The program kicks off on Tuesday, September 7th, 2021 and it’s going to be 12 action-packed weeks that you won’t want to miss.

If you are ready to level up and learn how to plan in person and online events and also help market the event for your clients to increase revenue then this course is for you! Are you limiting your service offering simply because you have never had the experience of managing a live or virtual event? Then this is the course for you. This is a robust course that will build your confidence by showing you the behind-the-scenes of event management and logistics, simplify the steps, showing you how to properly onboard event clients so that you can execute a flawless event on their behalf. If you are ready to level up and learn how to plan in-person and online events and also help market the event for your clients to increase revenue then this course is for you!

It's Time To Claim Your Seat At The Table!
  • Plan consistent events for clients such as social events, networking events, conferences and seminars as well as online events like webinars and summits

  • Plan events for clients who want to sell a product, membership, or service and gain more leads, increase sales, industry connections, and show up as an expert in their field

  • Learn event promotion strategies to increase sales and attendance

  • Take the guest work and complicated steps out of planning events for clients​

  • Stop wondering “what now?” and build your confidence in planning live in person or virtual events

  • Make the event profitable, and EASY to plan and promote with the help of The Event Support Blueprint online program.

What people are saying about us?

Do yourself and your business a favor ... WORK WITH ROMAINE! Not only will you have someone on your team that's an expert in all things administrative, she cares deeply about helping you & your business succeed! She takes the time to get to know you, understand your needs & challenges & is able to create a (detailed) roadmap to get you from where you are to where you want to be while kindly keeping you on track & accountable to getting it DONE! -Marly Q. Casanova, Speaker, Emcee, Event Romaine is THE BEST! I have worked with Romaine on many projects - she is reliable and professional, and she has negotiated many favorable contracts on our behalf. I was impressed by how much money we saved and how she set a positive and supportive tone with our vendors. She is so organized, no matter what was going on she was always two or three steps ahead. I have never felt so well taken care of. Thank you Romaine for helping me grow my businesses! -Rich Castellano MD CEO and president of and Nirlande helped me revamp my website and make it more functional. She worked with me to set up my automations. I would recommend her website audit and 1 on 1 coaching services. She answered all of my questions. Plus, gave me gems I needed, like the Policies and Disclaimer, which I didn't know I needed for my website. -Kendra Letek, CRM Manager & Founder Letek Solutions I needed help with my homepage design, creating landing pages and vanity URL usage. Nirlande helped me with all of that plus Wix bookings, online programs, and using Wix as a CRM. I would recommend her services to anyone with a Wix site or someone who hasn't decided on a website platform yet. Everything I received was excellent. I was stuck and feeding myself a bunch of negative self-talk. After my consultation, I have "to do items" and a spirit of "I got this!" -Yolanda Churchwell, Business Coach & Founder of The Business Assistance Group

Why you should start your event planning career now?

We all experienced 2020 in our own unique way but one thing became abundantly clear which was that as a community our need for connection will continue to thrive. Virtual events took off in 2020 and now has secured a permanent place in market. As outside opens up, events are being created that not only focus on the in person experience but also hybrid events. Now more than ever support is needed to ensure these events go off seamlessly and make the intended impact. That's where you come in, you are needed. We are ready to help provide you with the blueprint for success in supporting in person as well as virtual events!

The Answers You Need

Who is this program ideal for?

This program is for the VA who wants to add a complete event support offering to their business model. You are looking for detailed, hands-on experience on how to plan, activate, manage and promote live and virtual events with confidence. What should I expect from this program?

The first 6 weeks will be led by Romaine Brown Palmer, who will take you through how to Plan and Activate events such as live workshops, masterminds, corporate events, festivals, conferences, and virtual events. She will also teach you the ins and outs of managing the logistics needs and keeping your clients events on track. The second 6 weeks will be led by Nirlande Singleton who will help you learn how to create a plan to manage and execute a successful marketing and promotion schedule for these events, including but not limited to communication, speaker management, social media and ads. What happens if I cannot make a call?

Can't make a call - no worries. The recording from each session will be uploaded to the portal within 48 hours of the call. This will include the Q&A session so that you get the full experience of hearing us answer questions live. You can also submit your questions in advance so that we can get those answered for you on the call. What is the refund policy?

We do not offer a refund for this course as it is taught live based on a limited number of registrants. By choosing to enroll, you are committing to see the course through and confirm you have the time to commit to successfully completing the course.

Claim your spot if you are ready for the commitment.

‼️Go to register now >> ‼️

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