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Ep 33: How to Keep Your Clients Data Confidential Using Google Workspace With Alicia Pierre

Welcome to Episode 33! Today we have Alicia Pierre on the show! Alicia is from Miami, FL, and she is a Google Workspace Specialist. She works with solo attorneys and small law firms to help run their Cloud-Based Law firm. She is here to talk about how to keep your data confidential using Google Workspace. Alicia is dropping gems this entire episode. She’s sharing how she got started and how to best use Google Workspace to maximize its tools and features.

If you’re trying to learn more about Google Workspace and how to keep your data confidential this episode is for you.

Here’s what we talk about
  1. How did she get started?

  2. What does cloud-based mean?

  3. What is Google Workspace?

  4. How does it benefit a solo attorney or small law firm?

  5. How can Virtual Assistants use it to protect their information as well as client's?

  6. Where does a VA fit in the equation?

Listen to the episode and leave a comment below when you're done to share your thoughts and takeaways.

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Alicia Pierre


Instagram: @legallytechie

Linkedin: @legally-techie

Expert of the Month Training Series

Alicia is featured in our April Expert of the Month training series. Watch as she breaks down: How to Use Google Workspace in Your Virtual Business

Does your business use Gmail as its email platform? Is your clients information protected? You will be amazed by all the data protection and productivity tools you have available with your professional email; at no additional cost.

Alicia is answering your questions:

  • Do I need Google Workspace?

  • What can I do with Google workspace?

  • What are the four types of Google Groups?

  • How can I protect my info and data as well as my clients info with Google Workspace?

  • Why should I be using Google Workspace in my business?

When in doubt, check it out!

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