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Ep 30: MommyMogul Founder Adriana Richardson on How to Get Your Backend Together Using SOPs

Welcome to Episode 30! Today we have Adriana Richardson on the show! Adriana assists service-based entrepreneurs with setting up standard operating procedure systems (SOPS) to better manage their teams and businesses. She is here to talk about how to get your backend together using SOPs. Adriana is dropping gems this entire episode. She’s sharing the importance of having a foundation as a business and how to set one up.

If you’re trying to set up SOPs for your business then this episode is for you!

Some things we discussed:

  1. How important it is to have a foundation?

  2. How to start SOPs?

  3. Helpful tools to implement SOPs?

  4. How handy is having SOPs when delegating tasks?

We also get into a little about Mommoguls - a supportive community for moms to network and grow their business while juggling with motherhood.

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Reach out!

Adriana Richardson:



Listen to the episode and leave a comment below when you're done to share your thoughts and takeaways.

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