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Ep 3: How to Level Up With Systems with Loran Elise Geeter

In this episode, I introduce you to Loran Elise Geeter. She a Systems & Automation expert and the Founder of Loran Elise Collective (NYLA VA). After getting laid off from her corporate job, she made a bold move and started her Virtual Assistant business. Learn how Loran build a thriving business in 6 months as a newbie. She shares some of the systems and tools she uses that contributes to her success. Don't believe me? Just listen and find out how you can grab her freebie "5 Must Have Systems to Simplify Your Business".

When she is not virtual assisting, she enjoys spa days, playing with the latest technology, and pouring herself a tall glass of wine Olivia Pope style! Alright Gladiators... I mean VA Hustlers! Listen to Loran’s story and what it really takes to build a successful VA business.

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