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Ep 28: How to Find and Sustain Clients During a Pandemic with Jacinta Parris

Welcome to Episode 28! Today we have Jacinta Parris on the show! Jacinta Parris, the success-boosting VA Mentor! She is here to talk about how to find and sustain clients during a pandemic. Jacinta Parris is dropping gems this entire episode. She is the success-boosting VA Mentor! New and aspiring virtual assistants rely on her unfiltered insider secrets and proven-to-work “Freedom Formula” to build profitable, location-independent businesses without sacrificing time with the people they love. If you’re a new and aspiring virtual assistant and want unfiltered insider secrets that are proven-to-work this episode is for you.

Some things we discussed:
  1. What attracts high-end clients?

  2. What can new VA's do to stand out?


  • Download Jacinta's new E-book called "Funding your Freedom: How to launch your own VA Business" You can grab a copy here

  • Schedule a consultation with Jacinta here

Reach Out!

Instagram @jacintathevamentor

Facebook @lovelifevirtualsolutions

Listen to the episode and leave a comment below when you're done to share your thoughts and takeaways.

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