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Ep 25: School Teacher to CEO in her Virtual Assistant Business with Corissa McBurnie

Welcome to Episode 25! In this episode, we have Corissa McBurnie on the show! Corissa is a former school teacher who turned her passion for teaching into a full time career as a Website & Graphics Designer. Corissa, also known as Cori Luv, helps growing businesses virtually, socially and personally. She provides web designing and business consulting for social media.

Cori and I discussed how heart failure changed both of our lives and affected us in different ways but ultimately brought us to a place where we could live life on our own terms, and raise our children even amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a former school teacher, she shares advice with parents right now who have to work from home and teach their children, whether it be homeschooling or virtual school with a teacher. And answers to questions like:

  1. How do you manage your time?

  2. Do you have a favorite productivity tool?

  3. What is your favorite brunch spot in South Florida?

Be sure to download Corissa’s ebook Command Your Day or Stay Stuck and Stagnanted”

Get in touch with our guest:

Corissa McBurnie

Listen to the episode and leave a comment below when you're done to share your thoughts and takeaways.

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