Ep 23: How She Started a VA Business After Being Laid-off During COVID-19 with Barbara Jacques

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Did you recently lose your job due to COVID-19 or placed on furlough? Are you thinking about getting a new job or starting your own online business?

Be inspired by the new VABulous babe on the block!

Today we have Barbara Jacques on the show! Barbara is a newcomer to the VA World. She recently started her virtual assistant business and provides administrative and digital marketing support to entrepreneurs.

Barbara was recently laid off due to the coronavirus pandemic. She decided it was a perfect time to focus her attention on starting her own online business. Barbara is here to share

1) what she did to get it up and going

2) what resources she used to increase her knowledge in the field

3) how she was able to focus on her launch and be very productive in business

She also talks about what she did when she started to feel overwhelmed during the beginning stages and what she does to manage her time effectively.

Today’s episode is really just to help you see how it can be overwhelming to start a virtual assistant business but at the same time taking advantage of some simple steps you can take to get your business up and running doesn’t have to take forever. Our biggest takeaway: starting basically takes research and careful planning.

Grab your pen and paper to jot down some notes and inspirational quotes.

For more info visit Barbara Jacques Virtual Assistant Services 



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