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Ep 21: How to Rebrand Your Virtual Assistant Business During COVID-19 with Anamika Patel

Did you start your business and realized you did it all backwards and have to rebrand and relaunch again?

In this episode, Anamika Patel who is a creative VA from New Zealand share how she used the time to relaunch her VA business amid the COVID-19 quarantine. Anamika works with solopreneurs and help their brand flourish by promoting their conscious/spiritual lifestyle products and services.

She has spent the past few years living and working in New Zealand and California. She lived in Silicon Valley in 2017 and did contract work at Facebook. In 2018, she launched her VA business but recently relaunched to cater to her ideal clients who are ''soulpreneurs''.

Some of the things we discussed:

  • How she became a VA

  • Why she decided to relaunch her VA business now?

  • How did she zero in and identify who her ideal clients are?

  • How she is marketing her business during the pandemic?

  • Plus, some tips for those who want to venture into the VA world

She is offering our listeners a Free 1:1 consultation. Checkout the episode now to take advantage of her offer and let us know in the comments your takeaways.

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