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Ep 18: How Virtual Assistants Can Help Support Coaches and Events with Romaine Palmer

Published on: June 12, 2020 at 5:00 PM

In this episode, we have a returning guest on the show. Romaine is back to chat with us about 1) how Virtual Assistants can support Coaches and Consultants and 2) how you can also support client Events. We touched a little on how to help clients pivot and take their event virtually as well. Eventually, this pandemic will be over. Now is a great time to learn a new skill or perfect your skill if you’re into event planning so you can serve clients and provide a topnotch client experience for Coaches and Events.

With so many companies now postponing or planning their events for 2021, there is a chance the need for knowledgeable Virtual Assistants to help plan, strategize and support client events will continue to rise through this pandemic and even after the pandemic. If you are a Virtual Assistant and you’re ready to support coaches and events, tune in for the tea!

Checkout episode 4 if you would love learn how she started her VA journey.

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