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3 Steps to Booking Consistent Clients in your Virtual Assistant Business

Updated: Sep 28

Are you a Virtual Assistant looking to secure new clients, more clients or your very first client? In this post, we will discuss 3 steps to implement to get clients on your booking calendar. Not only that get them to hire you as their trusted virtual assistant. Keep reading...

You are a year or more into your virtual assistant business, and find yourself still struggling with your marketing. You’ve launched your online business, but you had no idea it would be this difficult to get consistent clients.

You’ve taken a marketing class, hired a marketing strategist to transform your business backend, and made your business simple, profitable and sustainable with a solid marketing strategy. Right?

Or, maybe this sounds like you…

You never got around to finishing your marketing plan, creating a strategy or setting up your marketing systems. You skipped these vital steps and went straight to booking clients. Big mistake!

I’ve been in your shoes. Realizing something had to change, I spent three weeks finishing my marketing plan, creating a referral system AND marketing my business the right way.

The three weeks I spent working on my marketing plan literally changed my life! I had been talking about implementing marketing systems for clients but hadn’t implemented any of my own.

I took the time off to figure it out. But I didn’t do it all on my own.

Here are 3 steps to booking more clients in your business:

Step #1 Create a strategic marketing plan

This is so important when you are trying to create a consistent line of clientele.

A marketing plan helps you document the process of managing and optimizing your digital marketing strategy and creating a roadmap for future growth and business development. Simply put, it's what you plan to do to grow your business.

A marketing strategy is the overall game plan of your business with the fundamental goal of achieving a sustainable competitive edge by understanding the needs and wants of your customers or clients. Simply put, the strategy is what you plan to do, but more importantly, how you will implement the plan to grow your business.

Both go hand and hand to make your goals happen.

Task #1: Define your ideal client and map out your marketing process

Start by writing down who your ideal clients are and where you plan to find them. Then, take the time to map out the entire marketing process from where you plan to locate clients all the way through to how you will reach out to them and attract their attention.

Step #2 Choose the right marketing system

In order to choose the right system you need to understand how a sales and marketing system works. Your marketing system is a repeatable process for initiating and developing client relationships to get them interested in your products again and again. The purpose of a marketing system is to develop long-term client relationships, maximize lifetime value and drive sales and growth.

Why choose a marketing system? Once you have attracted your potential clients attention and interest in your service, how will you stay on top of your leads list. A marketing system, will keep all of your leads information in one organized place and allow you to keep track of what emails and correspondence you send to their inbox. Many small businesses still struggle with spreadsheets, email inbox or sticky notes to track these kinds of relationships. But at some point, those “systems” just can't keep up.

Task #2: Choose a marketing system and import all your contacts or start building your list (see step 3)

If you have a hundred contacts or more, it’s time to switch over to a CRM like Keap for your small business or try email marketing systems like FloDesk, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign or Wix Marketing (for Wix users).

Get the full list of email marketing systems here and more tips on how to choose the right system for you.

Step #3 Implement your marketing plan & strategy

What does it mean to implement? It means to put into effect. In some cases it also means you will need to use a tool or equipment to help you in this activity. Email marketing and referral marketing tools are two of the best ways to build a relationship with your audience out of your current connections and making sure your name remains at the top of their minds and in front of that audience so that you are thought of whenever a virtual assistant comes to mind.

You want to be the first person your ideal client thinks of contacting when they need online assistance! If you connect with your target audience consistently through email or social media and share content with your target market, you will be more likely to get their business and referrals when the opportunity comes. This is not an option.

Task #3 - Create a strategy to start sending emails to your subscriber list and nuture your leads. Then, automate the process to save time and be more consistent

The money is in the list, as the old saying goes. But, it's true! Make a plan to communicate with your email list at least once a week. What will you email them? How often? What can you share? Think about what you can offer them and don't delay.

If you find yourself sending the same emails over and over again, automate the delivery schedule of those emails using an email marketing system mentioned in Step 2, and make your business as productive and efficient as possible, and you will more likely get on the path to profitability.

What next?

There can be a big shift in your business and it’s far easier to do with the right marketing plan, strategy, system and guidance.

If you have no clue how to market yourself as a Virtual Assistant or implement your marketing plan so that it makes you money, our Marketing for VA's online workshop is for you! The workshop includes topics such as:

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Just to name a few.

There are so many amazing benefits of watching our expert-led training videos. You get so much clarity on how to launch, build and market yourself as a Virtual Assistant/Online Business Manager. It is well worth it. Don't skip this!

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What email marketing system are you currently using and why? Share and help out a fellow VA. Leave a comment

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