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Looking for the perfect VA? 
We've got you covered.

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Why are you hiring?

  • You want to focus on what you love to do and hand over the rest to your Virtual Assistant.

  • You have the budget to add on a new team member.

  • You have implemented systems and processes in your business or you're looking for someone to help you do just that and manage it all for you

  • You have standard operating procedures in place and you are ready to hire and train someone to take over your daily mundane tasks so you can focus on money-generating activities in your business

  • You have enough work to keep your VA productive and proactive and a to do list ready to delegate

  • All of the above? It's a signal - you are ready to hire! 

How it works

Our process

Step 1

Fill out our inquiry form

Submit the inquiry form and tell us what you’re looking for. Be very specific with your needs.

Step 2

Get matched

We’ll match you with verified and vetted professionals. We'll search our database, browse their profile & message you their details.

Step 3

Hire the best

Contact your VA matches. Discuss your needs, get quotes and hire the right professional for you. That's it!

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Not sure if you need a
Virtual or Remote Assistant?

What's the difference? Virtual Assistants work exclusively in online or digital environments.

 Remote assistants could work from home, another city, or even another country.


We have a database full of verified VAs. Request some recommendations. 

Before you proceed, please note:

We are not a VA agency nor a staffing agency. Please complete the inquiry form below and your request will be submitted to our pool of talented network of Virtual Assistants. 

*Keep in mind all positions must be virtual. All virtual assistants work from home or remotely (not in your office/location). Virtual Assistants are Independent Contractors and will complete a 1099 or W9, unless you hire them as a full-time W2 employee. 

Post a job (it’s free) 

Tell us exactly what you need. Provide as many details as possible, but don’t worry about getting it perfect. 

Thanks for submitting this form! We will be in touch with within 2 business days. Look out for an email from

Hire a Virtual Assistant: Job Application

How does our job search work?

We can help you a little or alot. It is up to you!

Seeking a Virtual Assistant?


We want to clarify that we are not a VA agency or staffing agency. Our approach involves identifying VA's in our extensive database who are part of our Members Club and align them with the job description you are seeking. With over 600+ members, our search assistance comes as a complimentary service.

Seeking an Operations Manager? 

If you require assistance in managing your virtual assistant or virtual team, we offer our services for a small managerial fee of $200/month per remote team member.


Our focus is on collaborating with women-owned small to mid-size companies, specifically those with up to 10 employees or 5 virtual team members.


The range of services we provide includes administrative/executive assistance, operations, online business management, project management, systems and tool integrations & automations, customer service, billing & invoicing management, digital marketing & SEO, website design, graphics & technical/IT support.


Seeking Recruitment and Hiring Services?

In terms of the hiring process, we can take that off your hands. We conduct interviews virtually on Zoom, and if needed, we can organize a hiring event for a day or a week to expedite the search for the right candidate. Our hiring event fee is $140 per day (interviews are conducted Mon, Wed or Fri from 9 am to 1 pm EST).


If you're urgently looking to hire, and you can't find what you need in our VA business directory, please reach out to us.


To get started, connect with us via email to schedule a chat with our Business Advisor to streamline your process. Begin by filling out the inquiry form, and we'll promptly send you a scheduling link to arrange your consultation.

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