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Join the Virtual Assistants Brunch Club and Become a Chapter Director!

Calling all incredible women in the virtual assistant industry who love to brunch and are ready to take their careers to new heights! We're excited to invite you to start a chapter and become a Chapter Director for your city or country with the Virtual Assistants Brunch Club!

For Chapter Directors: About

Brunch, Business, and a World of Opportunities Await!

Features and Benefits:

Empowering Entrepreneurship:

As a Chapter Director, you'll be at the forefront of fostering a vibrant community of virtual assistants in your area, creating a supportive environment for networking, learning, and growth.

Generous Commissions:

Earn a fantastic 40% commission on ticket sales for every brunch event you organize. Your hard work and dedication will be rewarded as you help virtual assistants connect and thrive.

Exclusive Partnership:

Enjoy the perks of being a partner with the Virtual Assistants Brunch Club. You'll receive free merchandise that showcases your commitment to our community, giving you an edge while networking and promoting your own business.

Business Promotion:

Leverage the power of the Virtual Assistants Brunch Club name and prestige to promote your business. Gain exposure, expand your reach, and attract potential clients who trust and value the association with our well-known community.

Enhanced Reputation:

Join a reputable community that is widely recognized in the virtual assistant industry. Being associated with the Virtual Assistants Brunch Club will elevate your professional reputation and open doors to exciting opportunities.

Ready to take the leap? Apply now and embark on an extraordinary journey!

Don't miss out on this chance to shape your career, network with like-minded professionals, and build a thriving virtual assistant community in your city or country. Start your chapter and become a Chapter Director today!

Apply now and let's make virtual assisting, brunching, and business an unforgettable experience!

Enter your contact information

Ready to take the next step? Simply fill out the form below. Please share a little bit about yourself and how you envision working together with us. We can't wait to explore the possibilities and create something incredible together!

Need More Information? 

Watch our affiliate partners onboarding meeting to learn more about the program. Don't skip this step!

After watching the short training video, if you still have questions, use the Chat Messager at the bottom of this screen to email us any questions you may have. We’ll answer them ASAP and provide any follow up information you may need.

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