About us

Virtual Assistants Brunch Club is a social club and VA network that serves the official brunch community of virtual assistants in the VA industry.

Our mission is to empower virtual assistants with the resources and support that they need to thrive and become leaders in the VA industry. 

We started with three founding members and now we have 450+ members and allies in our network and our online VAB community has 400+ members with nearly a quarter engaging on a weekly basis. The majority of our members work from home or remotely, have 1 to 3 years of experience, identify as Gen-Xers or millennials and joined Virtual Assistants Brunch Club through word of mouth or social media. We work with both VA companies and bossbabe networks and women in business groups to build virtual-centered spaces that revolve around career advice, recruiting, mentorship and networking in order to comprehensively affect change in the VA industry.


Why join?

 VAB is our exclusive membership based social club and was created to connect virtual assistants in the #vabulousbabesociety with each other in a more dedicated, intimate, and strategic way. Although Virtual Assistants Brunch is a small network within the organization that is membership based. The application, review, and acceptance process is established to ensure we build a strong, vetted, friendly, and intimate network of virtual assistants who aim to support each other within the community professionally and personally.


Membership Details

Participation in VAB requires a month-to-month at a cost of $27 a month or 12 month commitment at a cost of $270 a year.

Your membership costs are due in full at the time of your signing after acceptance.

Once your commitment is up, you’ll have the option to renew or end your participation.

Those who choose not to continue will be removed from the VAB database. You are welcome to join back at any time without going through the full application process, you’ll simply have to reactivate membership.

Active members must be engaged in VAB by building and maintaining relationships with other members, attending VAB events, and participating in volunteer opportunities.


Membership Perks

Perk #1

You will be added to and have access to our VAB database featuring the active membership profiles of virtual assistants within the club.

Perk #2

You’ll be added to our Local Groups and Chapters on our app where you’ll be able to receive and share communication about a variety of topics. (Looking for a VA Coach, looking for job opportunities, wanting self care, personal or professional development products etc.. anything!)

Perk #3

Access to the quarterly brunch events for VAB virtual assistants only. Virtual Assistants Brunch Networking Event is a two-hour virtual or in-person meetup featuring a guest speaker and an opportunity to network/connect with other virtual assistants. Our guest speakers will cover a wide range of topics beneficial to our growth as women (self-care, business management, cocktail making, etc).

Perk #4

General VAB members will receive a 20% discount on one ticket to Virtual Assistants Brunch  ticketed events (excluding in-person events) and 10% off your first purchase of Virtual Assistants Brunch merchandise after joining VAB.

Perk #5

VIP VAB Members get a 100% discount on one ticket to Virtual Assistants Brunch ticketed events (excluding in-person events). You will receive a guaranteed opportunity to secure one ticket to all Virtual Assistants Brunch ticketed events ( including in-person events). You will receive a Virtual Assistants Brunch quarterly box and one VAB exclusive TShirt upon acceptance into VAB.


VAB features Community Care

VAB Cares emphasizes members supporting each other by participating in 3 ways:

1) Meal trains if a member has a new baby or is under the weather

2) Business Warming

3) Care Packages

You will receive a receipt to showcase your monthly support

*** These perks are only active during the duration of your membership.


Virtual Assistants Brunch Club Application Details

Applications are accepted on a seasonal basis.

Winter 22 Cohort 

Application Window: 1/8/22 – 1/22/22 Acceptance and Inclusion: February

Spring 22 Cohort

Application Window: 3/8/22 – 3/22/22 Acceptance and Inclusion: April

Summer 22 Cohort

Application Window: 6/8/22 – 6/22/22 Acceptance and Inclusion: July

Fall /21 Cohort

Application Window: 9/8/22 – 9/22/22 Acceptance and Inclusion: October

** Application forms will close at 10am ET on deadline day.

** Applications are reviewed the first week of the acceptance month and new members will be notified on or before the 8th of the inclusion month.

**To maintain intimacy, no more than 50 new members are included per cohort


What it means to be #vabulous

If something is so great you can hardly believe it, it is fabulous. 

Fabulous things are mainly wonderful things. It's all in how you interpret your fabulous! 

The word "Vabulous" is a combination of two words blending to create one word.

We took the V.A.B. (acronym for Virtual Assistants Brunch) and the word Fabulous (which we've already told you the meaning) dropped the F from Fabulous, added a V to create a new word for our "Vabulous" tribe!

Vabulous Babes are newbies to the VA industry by our definition. She wants to make a difference in her life as well as the lives of others, and just needs the guidance to figure out how. She knows she is fabulous and with a little bit of help, encouragement and support she will blossom into a Vabulous Woman.

A Vabulous Woman by our definition is a woman who is extraordinary and bold enough to go beyond what is expected of her. Her desire to see herself and others succeed allows her to share her journey in hopes she will educate and empower the community. Vabulous Women usually go on to become leaders in their industry. Most Virtual Assistants start off as Vabulous babes and grow to become Vabulous women! 

All of the women in our community are #VABULOUS!

If you are a fabulous Virtual Assistant who loves to brunch, join us on the journey! 


Our Bigger Vision


During our first year of inception, VAB officers laid the foundation for an active, vibrant community that could make a meaningful difference in the lives of its members and women in the local business community.

VAB has established a Mentoring program in which members are connected with established business women in the community.

Our ultimate goal is to establish a Scholarship program dedicated to recognizing and rewarding members for their entrepreneurship and leadership.

In addition, VAB has highly encouraged the professional development of its members that includes opportunities to hear from dozens of speakers from the virtual assistant industry at business launch workshops, professional brunches, conferences, virtual summits, and future trips and retreats.

This club works to serve the needs of the broader community by being involved in philanthropy work with the American Heart Association and other charitable foundations in our local community. 

If you stand with us, apply now to be apart of our journey. Join us now as an OFFICIAL member of the Virtual Assistants Brunch Club.

Stay Vabulous!