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Welcome to the Virtual Assistants Brunch Club & Mentorship Program!

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Grow Your Vision

Are you passionate about the world of virtual assistance and eager to grow both personally and professionally? Look no further! Our mentorship program brings together virtual assistants (VAs) and mentees in a unique and engaging setting—brunch! Whether you prefer virtual or in-person experiences, we've got you covered with a blend of online connections, workshops, and networking events.

Why join the #VABlife


Mentorship in a Relaxed Setting

Imagine sipping coffee or tea while gaining valuable insights from experienced virtual assistants. Our mentorship sessions take place in a brunch setting, creating a relaxed and informal atmosphere conducive to meaningful conversations.


Virtual and In-Person Opportunities

​Embrace flexibility! Attend our events virtually from the comfort of your home or join us at various locations across the country for in-person gatherings, workshops, and networking events.


Online Community Hub

Join our online community space where you can connect, collaborate, and learn with fellow virtual assistants and mentees. Share your experiences, seek advice, and build lasting connections with like-minded individuals.

What We Offer


Ready to take your virtual assistant journey to the next level? 


Global Network

By joining our program, you become part of a global network of virtual assistants. Connect with professionals from around the world, broadening your perspectives and enhancing your network.


Professional Growth

Elevate your skills and knowledge through mentorship, workshops, and collaborative learning. Whether you're just starting or looking to level up, our program provides the resources and support you need.


Local Events

We understand the importance of community. If you're not located in Orlando, Florida, and want to find a Virtual Assistants Brunch event in your community, this is the place for you. Explore our calendar and discover events near you.



Join the Virtual Assistants Brunch Mentorship Program and become part of a dynamic community dedicated to growth, collaboration, and, of course, delicious brunches.


Our Story

We started in Orlando, Florida!

Created in 2019, the Virtual Assistants Brunch Club originated from a group of like-minded virtual assistants who transformed their shared love for brunch into an official in-person and online club. Recognizing the need within the VA industry, we quickly evolved into a thriving social club and community based in Florida, empowering virtual assistants to elevate their businesses. By joining us, you not only gain access to a multitude of events but also become part of a passionate community of women who are living life on their own terms, sharing their dedication to their businesses. Together, we'll SLAY and soar to new heights of success!

Our Community

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Tonia, The Virtual Slay

The VA Brunch Club is a great resource if you are looking to improve the success of your business! Nirlande and her team are very helpful and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend joining for the networking events, VA tools and overall experience. Thank you!!

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