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Are you ready to level up your skills, network with like-minded professionals, and supercharge your business growth? Welcome to the Virtual Assistants Brunch Club – where support, collaboration, and success meet!

Does this sound like you...
  • You're Struggling to Find Clients: As a virtual assistant, finding clients can be a daunting task. Many VAs struggle to attract and retain clients, leading to financial uncertainty and stress.

  • You're Struggling to Find Flexibility in Work and Life: Juggling multiple clients and tasks while trying to maintain a healthy work-life flexibility is a common challenge for virtual assistants. Without proper time management and boundaries, burnout becomes a real risk.

  • You're Lacking Support and Guidance: Building a successful virtual assistant business requires more than just technical skills – it also requires mentorship, guidance, and a supportive community. Many VAs, like you, feel isolated and lack the support they need to thrive.

Let's brunch and build together!

Here's how we can help you:

Join our #VABulous Community

Surround yourself with like-minded individuals by joining a community like the Virtual Assistants Brunch Club. Here, you'll find support, encouragement, and valuable insights from fellow VAs and online business owners who understand the unique challenges you face.



#2 Invest in Continued Learning

 Stay ahead of the curve by investing in your education and skill development. Whether it's attending workshops, enrolling in online courses, or joining mastermind groups, prioritize learning to keep your skills sharp and relevant.


#3 Attend Networking Events

Take advantage of networking events specifically tailored to virtual assistants and online business owners. Whether it's virtual meetups, webinars, or in-person brunches, seize every opportunity to connect with industry professionals and expand your network.

What's included:


Online Business Management

The program is designed to optimize operational efficiencies, foster business stability, implement cutting-edge systems, upgrade technological equipment, and establish robust standard operating procedures.


Business Finances & Profit Planning Workshops

Join our monthly training series led by VA Brunch Club experts and esteemed leaders in the finance industry. Enhance your financial management skills and unlock strategies to maximize profits, ensuring sustainable growth for your virtual assistant career.


Business Marketing & Sales Videos

Gain exclusive access to a suite of tools, resources, and personalized mentorship to navigate the intricacies of the contracting and proposal process. Learn how to secure clients effectively and ethically, positioning yourself for long-term success in the virtual assistant industry.

Our #VABulous
Community Members

Here it directly from them

Tonia headshot.jpg

The VA Brunch Club is a great resource if you are looking to improve the success of your business! Nirlande and her team are very helpful and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend joining for the networking events, VA tools and overall experience. Thank you!!

Danielle headshot_edited.png

If you are looking to connect with some amazing women in the virtual assistant field, then Virtual Assistants Brunch Club is the place to be. They are so welcoming and passionate about your growth. You connect with so many wonderful women.

Headshot Molly Sullivan.jpg

I’m so glad I met you through VAB and had the opportunity to work with you on 2 conferences! I will forever appreciate your kindness and the knowledge I have acquired! 💕

Cora - 155.jpg

It was a pleasure meeting Nirlande, Founder of VAB. She has been a mentor of mine for some time, but I could only see her virtually; this was the first time; we would meet in person... I learn so much from her ... VAB has been one of the best resources to help me develop my business and industry skills.

Empower yourself.
Empower your career. 

Join us and take your virtual assistant career to the next level!

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