Connect, collaborate and meet other Virtual Assistants in the industry

You are here because you are a woman thinking about becoming a Virtual Assistant

You are virtual assistant who wants to make new friends and connect with other bossbabes.

You're a boss babe looking to work with a VA in your business

You are ready to Take Action to SLAY in your business - and you would love to do it while we brunch!

We've got you!


You want to..

Make your business successful because whatever you're doing right now isn't working

Get better and faster results and could use our existing network to get visible

Stop researching on Google and get one reliable place for useful and practical knowledge

Stop doing it all by yourself and have the right support system or group of like-minded women around you to inspire and root you on

Stop worrying about where your next client is going to come from, and get a clear action plan to market your business, find and retain clients and get paid

Inhale... Excel and do something to make a change in the way you run your business

Get access to training bundles, templates and worksheets, expert-led masterclasses, swipe files, and more that we provide for our community.


This is not the time to give up on your entrepreneurial dream

You're in business for yourself but not by yourself. So you'll receive:

Support you need from a COMMUNITY of ambitious, determined and like-minded Virtual Assistant women who are clapping for you on every step of the way

Held ACCOUNTABLE and have the support at your fingertips so you don’t have to feel stuck ever again

Have EXPOSURE opportunities where you can promote your business and get visible to a targeted audience of over 200k

Have the leading EXPERT KNOWLEDGE right when you need it, so you will never have to sit on another time-wasting webinar.

Have access to the right tools so you can build a PROFITABLE and sustainable business

Feel CONFIDENT knowing that you have support and access to a community of experts where you can ask questions and reach out for help.

Get intentional about your GOALS and TAKE ACTION.


Join the Club!


Helpful Information

How do I join a meeting for the first time?

Create an account to register to join a meeting. Then, check out the EVENTS page to see if there is an upcoming you would like to attend online or IRL. Register to join through your account. 

How do I apply?

Membership applications are accepted on the JOIN page. If our mission speaks to you or a woman you know, we invite you to apply!

How do I know if I’ve been accepted or not?

The Ladies at Virtual Assistants Brunch responds to applications as quickly as we can. We reserve the right to deny or wait-list any application. Some of the things we look for in applications are well-written and thoughtful responses, expertise in a particular field, exceptional prior work experiences, entrepreneurship, and social media feeds we feel share our passion for beautiful photos and storytelling.

What do I get with my membership?

VA Brunch Club has created multiple ways for you to connect to other members – both digitally and in real life (IRL is our preferred method, call us old fashion) – and a benefits experience to get you the referrals and resources you need to build and live a #Vabulous life and run your business with ease.

What is the difference between Site Member and Official Member?

Site Members may join the online directory and have limited access to member profiles in order to search for their next virtual assistant, biz bestie, coach or mentor. However, they do not have full access to The VA Toolbox, events, full profiles or member benefits, only official (paying) members do. Only official members will be given full access to the site and our membership program.

Do I have to be a Virtual Assistant to join?

Yes. If you do not identify as a Virtual Assistant, you can join our online directory where you can find a VA or make business connections through Members Chat. We are firm in this policy of not allowing those who do not identify as a Virtual Assistants to get additional access to groups beyond the #jobopportunity group. With your support, Virtual Assistants Brunch can become a stronger & more valuable community for Virtual Assistants in the industry.

Can I refer other Virtual Assistants to join?

If you have a VA friend you would like to refer to the community, please have her put your name on her application as her referral (in the section How did You Hear About Us). We always welcome personal introductions to women that are slaying their vision and achieving great things!

How do I get in touch with customer service?

Please email us using the message box on the screen or for any questions about how to use the platform. We’re here to help you! 


For more FAQs use the Chat Box to send us an instant message.