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Join the inclusive brunch table for virtual assistants

VA Brunch Club is a membership-based professional networking group for virtual assistant women who are growing businesses and love to brunch.

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Why join? 

Virtual Assistant Brunch Club offers a variety of services and benefits to its members to foster networking, skill development, and mutual support among virtual assistants.

Here's a list of specific services and offerings that we can provide:

Networking Events

  • Attend our virtual brunch sessions where members can connect, share experiences, and exchange insights.

  • Take advantage of networking opportunities posted in our private groups.

Skill Development Workshops

  • Join webinars, workshops, and online training sessions on topics relevant to virtual assistants, such as time management, communication skills, and software tools.

  • Listen to guest speakers as they provide their expertise on various aspects of remote work.

Resource Sharing

  • Share templates, checklists, and guides related to virtual assistant tasks, client management, and business operations.

  • Get access to curated resources like articles, e-books, and online courses.

Collaboration Opportunities

  • We facilitate collaborations among virtual assistants for joint projects or sharing workload during peak times.

  • We match members with complementary skills for potential partnerships.

Unlock a world of exclusive events, collaborative opportunities, expert-led training workshops, and additional bonus content from our esteemed community partners. Gain access to valuable resources that will elevate your skills and connections.

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Our Story

We started in Orlando, Florida!

Created in 2019, the Virtual Assistants Brunch Club originated from a group of like-minded virtual assistants who transformed their shared love for brunch into an official in-person and online club. Recognizing the need within the VA industry, we quickly evolved into a thriving social club and community based in Florida, empowering virtual assistants to elevate their businesses. By joining us, you not only gain access to a multitude of events but also become part of a passionate community of women who are living life on their own terms, sharing their dedication to their businesses. Together, we'll SLAY and soar to new heights of success!

Our Community

Tonia headshot.jpg

Tonia, The Virtual Slay

The VA Brunch Club is a great resource if you are looking to improve the success of your business! Nirlande and her team are very helpful and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend joining for the networking events, VA tools and overall experience. Thank you!!

You need...

Business Support and Advice:

- Seek advice, share challenges, and receive feedback from peers.

- Sign up for mentorship opportunities for experienced virtual assistants to guide newcomers.

Client Referrals:

   - We've created a referral network where members can refer clients to one another based on their expertise and availability.

   - Get leads and job opportunities within the community.

Accountability and Goal Setting:

   - Join our accountability groups where members can set goals, track progress, and support each other's growth.

   - We encourage members to share their achievements and milestones in our accountability group sessions.

Business Promotion:

   - We feature our VIP members in spotlight interviews or showcases to highlight their skills and achievements.

   - We create a safe space for members to showcase their work portfolios. What happens inside VAB stays inside VAB! 

A Mastermind Group:

   - We've formed small mastermind groups where members meet regularly to brainstorm ideas, solve challenges, and provide mutual support.

   - The group creates a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among group members.

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Stay informed and connected with the latest events and developments in the Virtual Assistants Brunch Club through our Blog.

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